Antilliaanse Feesten verplaatst naar 2021

Antilliaanse Feesten verplaatst naar 2021

Door de beslissing van de veiligheidsraad rond COVID 19, werd de 2020 editie van Antilliaanse Feesten uitgesteld. De organisatie liet wel al weten dat de volgende editie zal plaatsvinden op 6 en 7 Augustus 2021. Lees hun statement hieronder, of bekijk hun website voor meer informatie.


Antilliaanse Feesten hun aankondiging

"The 38th edition of Antilliaanse Feesten will move to August 6 and 7, 2021.

The worldwide pandemic was too fast for us: the corona virus will not disappear quickly. The new measures announced by the Belgian government today therefore come as no surprise. Still, it hurts us a lot. For many fans, together with us, Antilliaanse Feesten is an annual highlight of togetherness and love, which we now need so badly to get through this time ... But the health of our fans, the entire staff, artists and everyone who cares for us now takes precedence.

Covid-19 will not take the Antilliaanse Feesten down, and certainly not the values that our beloved festival stands for!

Until next year and… BE SAFE!

What will happen now? Here are some answers to the most important questions.

When will Antilliaanse Feesten take place?

Unfortunately it will not happen this year, we are postponing the 38th edition by one year. So make a note of Friday 6 and Saturday 7 August 2021 in your agenda!

What about my ticket that I bought for Antilliaanse Feesten 2020?

Your purchased festival and camping tickets remain valid for the edition in 2021. A refund is only possible for people who are unable to attend the new dates. Ticketmaster will contact you about this via email.

What happens to tickets bought through ambassadors?

The same guidelines apply here.

I am a Verve ambassador. What about my rewards and points?

Both your rewards and points will remain valid for the 2021 edition.

I bought coupons in presale. Will these remain valid?

You will be able to use these next year! Here too, a refund is only possible for people who are unable to attend the new dates. You will be informed about this by Ticketmaster.

Which artists will perform next year?

We are currently looking into this and we will try to retain the announced program for next year's edition. Everyone is very willing to make the best of it! We will keep you posted!"

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